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Commonly available sizes: (used & like new)
20ft Standard Cube: 20'L x 8'W x 8'6"H
40ft Standard Cube: 40'L x 8'W x 8'6"H
40ft High Cube: 40'L x 8'W x 9'6"H
45ft High Cube: 45'L x 8'X x 9'6"H

Available by special request:
20' 1-Trip Double Door
40' 1-Trip Double Door

20' 1-Trip Double Door High Cube
40' 1-Trip Double Door High Cube

20' 1-Trip Side Access
40' 1-Trip Side Access

20' 1-Trip Side Access High Cube
40' 1-Trip Side Access
High Cube

20' 1-Trip Refrigerated (aka "reefer")
40' 1-Trip Refrigerated (aka "reefer")

20' 1-Trip Open Top
40' 1-Trip Open Top

53' Steel (Used)  

10ft Container: One of the smallest containers available. It's just 10 feet long and just like the larger containers, it's construction consists of 14-gauge corrugated steel walls. It also has lockable doors and is wind & watertight. This container is easier to transport and is one of the lightest containers available. These containers are not as cost effective to purchase as a 20ft or 40ft container, but could be the perfect fit for your space. Bang for the buck, nothing beats the price of a 40ft container, but used and like-new 10ft containers are available.

20ft Standard Container:
A well sought after container. The 20ft container is a favorite pick for many because it can be easily transported with a common flatbed tow truck. It can also be loaded onto a deckover gooseneck trailer and pulled with a 3/4 ton truck. Since they are roughly 3,000 pounds lighter than a 40ft container, it's much easier to drag/move it around the job site or farm using a tractor or backhoe. The typical empty weight of this container is 5,000 pounds (approx).

40ft Standard Container:
 A commonly purchased container. Bang for the buck, out of all of the available sizes, the standard 40ft container provides a massive amount of storage space and is typically a low price per cubic foot.

40ft High Cube Container: This container is just like the standard 40ft container, however it is a foot taller, making the exterior height approximately 9'6" tall! These units are often a perfect fit for someone looking to store a tractor or anything that requires a high overhead clearance. The interior entrance is approximately 8'10" tall vs the standard 7'10" approximate interior build height.

45' High Cube Container: 45ft High Cube containers offer an additional 380 cubic feet of storage space versus the 40ft High Cube build. These units are not as readily available as 20ft and 40ft lengths, but are typically available year around like 20's and 40's.

48ft High Cube WIDE Container: The 48ft & 53ft containers are built just like all the other containers, however they are 6 inches wider, increasing your exterior width to 8'6". This is the second largest container available and the extra wide design makes this container even more versatile when storing cars, trucks, tractors, trailers etc. You can fit a typical 3/4 truck inside even a standard container, but the extra wide design on the 48ft & 53ft containers makes it much easier to exit the vehicle once parked inside. Side access containers are also available by special request which have doors on one end as well as the side. 

53ft High Cube WIDE Container: This is the largest size available. This enormous container is 53 FEET LONG, 8'6" wide and is 9'6" tall! This build size offers the maximum storage space available. It's so long that you can fit THREE cars inside! 

Interior: Every container is equipped with side-by-side steel entry doors on one end, but 1-trip (like new) containers are available with doors on both ends. Typically and unless modified, containers will never have any other doors, windows or methods of entry. By special order we can supply containers that have side access doors, double doors on both ends, open top containers and other hard-to-find styles. The large industrial weather stripping is designed to make the container wind & watertight as soon as you close the doors & latch them shut. Each door has a lever that you press forward when closing and this allows the appropriate amount of pressure to be applied to the weather stripping which seals the container. The floors are often made from 1-1/8" thick marine plywood. The wood floor is unlike the typical plywood you will usually find at the local lumber yard. This plywood is treated and designed to be regularly exposed to water, moisture & significant amounts of weight. These things are practically indestructible, so if you are considering spending thousands of dollars on a prefabricated wood shed built from 2x4's & 1/2" thick particleboard, you really should consider a steel wind & watertight storage container instead.

Why Buy a Container?
You don't just get more for your money with a container; you get a portable steel structure that could remain useful for a lifetime. Containers can also be a great long-term purchase because they are likely to hold their value in steel. Regardless of your storage needs, every shipping container is a valuable chunk of steel. Simply call your local scrap yard and ask them how much they will pay for 5,000 pounds of steel and you will be excited to learn that you aren't just buying an old cargo container, but you are buying a physical commodity. We can confidently say that we know of no other portable storage-use structure that can appreciate in value. In fact when you buy a prefabricated wood shed/building, you often lose a significant amount of value the day you receive it (sort of like buying a car, RV or mobile home). A steel container though can hold its value for years and years to come because after all, its a huge steel box.

What to Expect:

Here at Big Texas Containers & Shelters we strive to offer high quality used containers and will work hard to earn your business. Unless you specifically request a like-new (or 1-trip) container and pay the premium for it, it is typical for all used containers to have rust, dents, dings, scratches and patches. Used containers come in a variety of colors and sometimes have a company name on the side. Containers that are branded with a company name or logo are not affiliated with Big Texas Containers & Shelters, and unless otherwise agreed, "neutralization" of containers purchased is the responsibility of the buyer and at buyers expense (i.e. removal of branding and identifiable markings such as company logos, names, unit numbers etc). If you would like for us to remove the branding, please let us know and we will be happy to quote you a price for a unit that does not require any additional duties. Many containers that we sell are maroon/burgundy, dark yellow/mustard, blue, gray, and sometimes green, but colors and appearance can vary. If aesthetic appearance or is important to you, please let us know so that we can quote you the price of a 1-trip (like-new) container or an aesthetically reconditioned container (recently serviced and freshly painted). The photos above and on this website illustrate the common imperfections that are frequently found on a typical used container. Containers that are often seen at construction/job sites are frequently leased and used for a short term or long term basis. Many lease containers are commonly less than 7 years old and function like new, but with a lot more imperfections and blemishes than a 1-trip container. These are exceptionally nice used containers and are NOT the sort of used containers that we sell. Common domestic lease containers rarely have patches, they have almost no rust since they aren't typically used for ocean use and they often have little corrosion. The reason we don't sell domestic lease containers is because if you want the best, we offer the best, and those are commonly known as 1-Trip containers. 1-Trip containers are assumed to have traveled only a single trip to the US and are typically less than 2 years old.