Big Texas Containers
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BBB Accredited • D&B Verified • Texas Business

Container variations offered are as follows:
• Used or 1-trip 10'x8'x8'6" standard cube container (10' standard)
• Like-new 10'x8'x9'6" high cube container (10' HC)
• Used or 1-trip 20'x8'x8'6" standard cube container (20' standard) 
• 1-trip 20'x8'x8'6" standard cube double door container (20' DD)
• 1-trip 20'x8'x8'6" side access aka open side container (20' OS)
•  1-trip 20'x8'x9'6" side access aka open side container (20' OS)
• 1-trip 20'x8'x9'6" high cube shipping container (20' HC)
• 1-trip 20'x8'x9'6" high cube double door container (20' HC DD)
• Used or 1-trip 40'x8'x8'6" standard cube container (40' standard)
• Used or 1-trip 40'x8'x9'6" high cube container (40' HC)
• 1-trip 40'x8'x8'6" standard cube double door (40' DD)
• 1-trip 40'x8'x9'6" high cube double door (40' HC DD)
• Used or 1-trip 45'x8'x9'6" high cube container (45' HC)
• Used 53'x8'6"x9'6" steel high cube container (53' HC)

Functional & non-working refrigerated "reefer" containers are also available in 20' & 40' lengths.

AS IS containers are also available by request. 

* All dimensions listed above are approximate.
* Like-new containers are typically only one or two years in age and are assumed to have been used once to transport goods to the USA, but prior use and frequency of use is unknown. 

NOTE: Containers are commonly referred to as "shipping container", "cargo container", "ocean container", "conex container", "sea can", "freight container" etc.

Why Buy a Container?

You don't just get more for your money with a container; you get a portable steel structure that could remain useful for a lifetime. Containers can also be a great long-term purchase because they are likely to retain value in steel. Regardless of your storage needs, every shipping container can have many uses and can be dependable for a lifetime if properly maintained. A steel container can hold its resourceful value for years and years to come because after all, its a huge steel box.