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Big Texas Containers is a Texas business offering like-new and used storage containers for sale. Statewide delivery is available via 3rd party delivery providers. Pickup is available in Dallas and Houston. Tiltbed delivery is estimated at approximately $4.00-$5.00 per loaded mile from pickup location to delivery location (truck driver unloads). Flatbed delivery is calculated at the approximate rate of $2.50-$3.00 per mile from pickup location to delivery location (buyer unloads). Minimum estimated delivery cost is $350 per truckload. If you have a color request, please mention this when requesting a quote; color aesthetic appearance is never guaranteed, but seller will make an effort to fulfill requests that are notated on Sales Order. Like-new containers are most frequently available in beige, but can occasionally be ordered in colors such as gray or blue. Big Texas Containers accepts check or wire transfer as payment (credit cards are not accepted).     

Orders for roof kits that are to be delivered in Texas can be placed with Big Texas Containers, but will be processed and fulfilled by manufacturer.

In an effort to offer lower prices and improve service, effective December 1st 2015 Big Texas Containers no longer offers delivery service when ordering a container, but will be happy to provide trucking references to customers that are in need of delivery (if requested). All products are offered on an order basis and prices are non-negotiable unless: ordering two or more units, non-profit use, resale or price match. If you have any questions or to place an order, please fill out the contact form at and you will likely receive a response within 24-48 business hours.

It is important to level your container after delivery, or deliver to a level surface (such as a concrete slab). If container is not level, you may have difficulty opening/closing the door(s). All used containers are likely to exhibit wear and plenty of imperfections. Special requests for color, age or aesthetic request are never guaranteed to be fulfilled. Container doors on used containers are typically more difficult to open/close than like-new containers and in some cases may require servicing. All containers priced at are typically ordered for buyers sight-unseen. If buyer requires photo approval prior to sale, buyer is encouraged to select from individually priced containers found at Offers and prices found at are not to be combined with any offer or prices found at All written or verbal quotes and/or offers found at and/or are subject to change or cancellation at any time and without prior notice.

Modular Container Roof Kits

Order a Podroof Kit inside Texas:
• Order a PodRoof Kit outside of Texas, within in the USA:

• Made of American Steel
• 20 Year Guarantee
• Designed for quick and easy construction
• All kits are 20 feet length and attach to two shipping containers. They can be used with 20’ and 40’ sizes.
• Kits can be combined end to end for longer length
• Can be disassembled, transported and re-assembled
• Roof attaches to container pin points for a secure attachment
• Inner or outer container mounting.
• Require no footings or approval in most cases
• Rated for 70 mph, exposure C and 25 pounds/square foot snow load. Higher ratings available
• Standard acrylic galvalume finish or choice of 14 paint colors for roof, trim and gutters
• Lead-time is approximately three weeks
• Set-up and containers are not included

• Painted roof panels, trim and hardware
• Gutters, unpainted or painted

20'L x 21'W Roof Kit (Model GM20) - $4,250
Measures 20′ length x 20′ space between containers
Inner mounted (pictured above) *Sales tax may apply

20'L x 26'W Roof Kit (Model GM25) - $4,450
Measures 20′ length x 25′ space between containers
Inner mounted (pictured above) *Sales tax may apply
20'L x 36'W Roof Kit (Model GB36) - $3,950
Measures 20′ length x 20′ space between containers
Outer mounted (pictured above) *Sales tax may apply

20'L x 56'W Roof Kit (Model GB56) - $6,450
Measures 20′ length x 40′ space between containers
Outer mounted (pictured above) 
*40' length = two GB56 roof kits 
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